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For me first it seemed just a lovely project of my Tiller friends, something made just for fun. I was glad to get my copy, cause that gave me opportunity to hear voices of people i knew for a quite long time, but never talked to "in flesh", as it often happens when you get friends thru the Web. And of coarse i was captured by the way songs were recorded - it wasn't done at one studio (as it may seem to whose who listened to CD), many songs made long journey, from one member to another, and each Tiller musician added instruments or vocals and then passed it to another one, until the song was complete and finished. Not a usual waye to record music, huh? Yeah, as i've already told first of all for me it was a creation of my friends, but i was very surprised to hear VERY good covers of songs i love, some of them were really fantastic. Songs were recorded in different styles, and isn't it great to look sometimes at the fave song with a new view? Moreover, the CD included some non-Bolan songs, which fit in great, all my faves now. Not to forget lovely liner notes and cover, well you can jugde the latter yourself ;) My humble opinion - Marc would just love such a tribute.

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